Add to the Excel output as below

Step 1: Modify output structure

Step 2: put data into the new field

Step 3: Add 1 more row to internal table define data type for excel column

COL_NO = 2 is for Material Description

Step 4: Set column title

Step 5: enhance form FORM XXL_EXPORT

create implicit enhancement at beginning of the subroutine, copy all logic of the subroutine and then adjust as below:

declare internal table DTAB2  same structure as DTAB and move MAKTX to second position

Move data from DTAB to DTAB2 and change the import tables parameter from DTAB to DTAB2

The reason of using DTAB2 is to move MAKTX to second index of data source internal table for excel

DTAB -> MAKTX is at the last position

DTAB2 -> MAKTX is at the second position

Exit here to do not process SAP standard logic of the subroutine

The SAP standard logic (METHOD i_oi_spreadsheet~insert_full) set data to EXCEL by index that the reason why we use DTAB2 to set MAKTX at second position